On this page, I gather some of my papers and projects.  These are also divided up on individual pages for physics papers, math papers, etc.

Here are two physics papers.   I’m the sole author of the first, but Eric Abraham is the main author of the second.

Foundational Assumptions
Bose-Einstein Condensation

Here are some of my math papers on algebraic geometry and algebraic K-theory, in various stages of completion.  These have no direct relation to the subject of the website, but it is nevertheless convenient to gather them here.

Coniveau Machine for Analyzing the Infinitesimal Structure of Chow Groups
A Goodwillie-Type Theorem for Milnor K-Theory
Abelian Sums and Higher Tangents on Algebraic Curves

Here are some of my expository papers and presentations:

On Bell’s Theorem
Notes on Simplicial Theory
On Abel’s Theorem

Here are some neat graphics:

Causal Graph Graphics
3D Graphics
Algebraic Curves Graphics
Quantum Chaos Slide

Here’s a nice translation from French:

Characteristic Classes


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