Here you can find my comprehensive notes, entitled Foundations of Discrete Causal Theory. The file names below will become active links as the corresponding files are made available.   This will occur over a period of months, and some periodic revisions should be expected.  All of the files have watermarks and/or other forms of unique identifying information, but I obviously don’t mind if you make legitimate academic use of them, since I am making them available for download.


Discrete Causal Theory 0.1

Discrete Causal Theory 0.2

Part I:  The Language of Causal Graph Theory:

DCT 1.1: Causal Graphs.

DCT 1.2: Subgraphs; Connectedness, Finiteness Assumptions.

DCT 1.3: Transitive Closures and Skeletons; Local Finiteness.

DCT 1.4: Morphisms of Causal Graphs.

DCT 1.5: Domains of Influence; Classical Observation.

DCT 1.6: State Functions, Entropy, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Part II: Mathematical Methods of Causal Graph Theory:

DCT 2.1: Causal Atoms.

DCT 2.2: Relative Causal Graphs; Classification Theorems.

DCT 2.3: Causal Categories.

DCT 2.4: Derived Graphs.

Part III: Discrete Causal Kinematics:

DCT 3.1: Kinematics: An Informal Introduction.

DCT 3.2: The Universal Kinematic Scheme.

DCT 3.3: Kinematic Schemes in General.

DCT 3.3: Transitive Block-Linear Kinematic Schemes.

DCT 3.4: Pseudokinematics.

DCT 3.5 Relativity and DSR.

Part IV: Discrete Causal Dynamics:

DCT 4.1: Dynamical Laws.

DCT 4.2: Classical Stochastic and Quantum Structures.

DCT 4.3: Transitions between Kinematic Schemes; Covariance.

DCT 4.4: Causality Axioms.

Part V: Metric Properties:

DCT 5.1: Intervals.

DCT 5.2: Locality.

DCT 5.3: Dimension.

DCT 5.4: Curvature.

Part VI: Potentials and Fields:

DCT 6.1: The Natural Potentials.

DCT 6.2: Tensor Fields.

Part VII: Conservation Laws and Entropic Principles.

Part VIII: Gravity.



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